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Simple, powerful finance tools for businesses of all sizes

A better way to transact

Transactions made easy with financial solutions developed for New Zealand and Australian conditions. Brought to you by Acume, part of the Streamline Business Group.

Face the future with confidence

Manual transaction processing is going the way of cheques, landlines and the fax machine. Ready for the speed, accuracy and cost savings of the digital future? With Acume’s proven finance solutions, you’re in good hands.

Experience you can trust

Acume has deep roots in back-office process automation. We’re part of a group that has been innovating digital finance solutions since 2004.


 Invoicing beyond pdfs and emails.


Expense claim management made easy.


Purpose-built digital purchase order management.


For those who still have suppliers sending pdf invoices.

“It means you’re concentrating on other important aspects of the job, like returning incremental improvements throughout the business.”

Todd Burns
Selini Estates

The future is digital, and the future is here. Standards-based, integrated business processes eliminate manual errors with data direct from the source.

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