Accounts Payable +
Accounts Receivable

eInvoice — PDF invoice data extraction configurable workflow and approvals

Four solutions in one

Acume includes both accounts payable and accounts receivable processing, eInvoicing, PDF data extraction, configurable workflow, and approvals in the one solution.

Face the future with confidence

Digital is the way forward and with Australia and New Zealand adopting eInvoicing, emailed PDF invoices will go the way off cheques and landlines. They will be around for a while but they have had their time, we’ve moved on with new more convenient technology.

Acume processes eInvoices and PDF invoices in the same workflows allowing you to process supplier transactions at a header (summary) or line level.

This will assist businesses with one place to work as the eInvoicing adoption increases and PDF invoicing decreases over the next 10 years.

Experience you can trust

Acume has deep roots in back-office process automation. We’re part of a group that has been innovating digital finance solutions since 2004.





Accounts Payable

PDF and eInvoices processed in the same configurable coding and approval workflow.

Accounts Receivable

High volume billing visibility into the eInvoicing network or send as PDF to your customers.

Connect bank feeds to automate receivables processing.

Purchase Orders

Raise, approve and receipt purchase orders to send to your suppliers.

Send as PDF or over Peppol Network.

Expense Claims

Expense claim management and approval.
Exports to PDF with claim summary and detail.

“It means you’re concentrating on other important aspects of the job, like returning incremental improvements throughout the business.”

Todd Burns
Selini Estates

The future is digital, and the future is here. Standards-based, integrated business processes eliminate manual errors with data direct from the source.

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