Acume Expense is a web application that lives in the cloud and is accessed from mobile phone, tablet or desktop. The same interface runs on all environments.

Drowning in paper?
Go paperless

No more lost receipts. Just snap, claim and dispose of your paper receipt forever. Forget about the wads of paper filling up your pockets. The cloud-based way to track your claims at the end.

Track your claims

Forget about paper receipts filling up your pockets, Expense is the cloud-based way to track your claims.

Easy to use

Intutive and simple design backed with consistently stable performance.

Anywhere. Anytime

Acume Expense is available anytime and anywhere, requires no special software just an internet connection, and scales effortlessly as your business grows.

Enhanced security

Equipped with powerfull AWS security metrics with segregated instances, periodic backups and disaster recovery features.

Single application

The same interface on all end – user devices.

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