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eInvoicing? But I have a scanning solution..

Larger businesses, local and central government are beginning to consider eInvoicing at the executive level. Too often they quickly run into a problem: Their existing invoice scanning solution can’t handle eInvoices, but, they will convert the data to a PDF…

Invoice scanning has been the go-to for bigger enterprises for some time, typically with additional workflows bolted on to automate matching and compliance or approval workflows.  When these companies ask their accounting solution provider if their technology is eInvoicing capable they usually find that a costly upgrade is required and that a third-party approval system will still be needed to keep up with internal compliance standards. 

There is, fortunately, an answer.  Acume’s  SaaS portal will display eInvoice data in a human readable format so your finance team and wider team who need to view or review invoice information can do so in a familiar format.  Acume exports data to your accounting or ERP system in the same way that your current scanning solution does today.


Acume can also process PDF invoices in the same workflow so you won’t need to run 2 systems, one for eInvoices and one for scanned invoices.

The outcome: access to all of the source data, improved accuracy and processing times.  All with minimal disruption to your current process as you join the movement towards eInvoicing and the next generation for all finance transactions.

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