Capture and validate invoice data automatically

The account payable solution for medium to large corporates with high-volumes of PDF invoices. PlusOne takes the grind out of collecting and processing invoices and integrates with your current ERP or AP system.

The always-on benefits of skilled remote staff with a proven cloud-based accounts payable solution. Your fast track to reduced costs, fewer errors, less time spent on processing and more time on the business.

Improve productivity

Automate the preparation, processing and approval of your invoices.
No more MIA files
You’ll never misfile, misplace or lose a document again. All invoices are captured and stored online, easily accessible whenever needed.
Reduce cycle times
Sharply reduce the errors and double-handling that come with manual processing.
ERP Integration
Integrates to all ERP and AP systems

PlusOne combines sophisticated OCR technologies with human validation for new levels of accuracy and productivity.

99% plus accuracy for extracted invoice header information.
Approval and PO-to-invoice matching rules configurable to your business.
Compatible with your existing ERP and AP system.
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